Installation Guide

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  1. Load latest database for Volvo Sensus form our website.

  2. Save file onto your harddisk.

  3. Unzip the file
    You get our database as GPX files.

  4. Use an USB memory stick with maximum capacity of 4 GB (recommendation).
    Reformat the USB stick as FAT32 (not: FAT or exFAT).
    Do not use the quick format option.

    Note: Reformat as FAT32 before using is strictly recommended.

  5. Copy and paste all unzipped GPX files into the root directory of your USB stick.

  6. Start the engine of your Volvo and insert the USB stick.

  7. Push Navigation KEY.
    Go to Settings > Import/edit MyPOI or Settings > Import/export stored locations.

  8. Select one of preinstalled speedcam icons.

Good Reasons for - Speed Camera DataBase