The POI database can be be downloaded for a small fee.

Supported devices

  • Nissan

*Nissan Connect 3 device since MY2019 are not supported.
See on the right our screens & photos. Pay attention to the red arrows.

Required for installation:
  1. Windows computer
  2. USB stick with a maximum capacity of 4 GB
  3. USB stick formatted as FAT

Compare your Nissan Connect device with our screens & photos.
When you are in doubt please contact the support before purchase.

Refund excluded after download started of full database.

Available countries

  • offers a worldwide speedcam coverage for Nissan Connect. Select the countries yourself before downloading. See available countries below.
  • Display All Countries

    • Hungary
    • Philippines
    • Afghanistan
    • Iceland
    • Poland
    • Algeria
    • India
    • Portugal
    • Andorra
    • Iran
    • Qatar
    • Argentina
    • Islamic Republic of
    • Romania
    • Armenia
    • Iraq
    • Russian Federation
    • Australia
    • Ireland
    • Rwanda
    • Austria
    • Israel
    • Réunion
    • Azerbaijan
    • Italy
    • Bahrain
    • Japan
    • Belarus
    • Jordan
    • Belgium
    • Kazakhstan
    • Belize
    • Korea
    • San Marino
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Republic of
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Brazil
    • Kuwait
    • Serbia
    • Bulgaria
    • Kyrgyzstan
    • Singapore
    • Canada
    • Lao People's Democratic Republic
    • Slovakia
    • Chile
    • Latvia
    • Slovenia
    • China
    • Lebanon
    • South Africa
    • Colombia
    • Liechtenstein
    • Spain
    • Croatia
    • Lithuania
    • Sweden
    • Curaçao
    • Luxembourg
    • Switzerland
    • Cyprus
    • Malaysia
    • Taiwan
    • Czech Republic
    • Malta
    • Thailand
    • Denmark
    • Mauritius
    • Trinidad and Tobago
    • Ecuador
    • Mexico
    • Tunisia
    • Estonia
    • Moldova
    • Turkey
    • Fiji
    • Mongolia
    • Ukraine
    • Finland
    • Montserrat
    • United Arab Emirates
    • France
    • Morocco
    • United Kingdom
    • Georgia
    • Namibia
    • United States
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • Uruguay
    • Gibraltar
    • New Zealand
    • Uzbekistan
    • Greece
    • Norway
    • Zambia
    • Guatemala
    • Oman
    • Zimbabwe
    • Honduras
    • Panama
    • Hong Kong
    • Paraguay

Fixed cameras are being updated on a daily basis.

We update our database on a daily basis. With each download you will be provided with the latest available speedcam data. You're free to choose how often you want to update your data, however, we recommend monthly updates.


Load the file to your PC. You strictly have to use a Windows computer. Copy the file nissan_connect.csv to prepared USB stick into myPOIWarnings directory. Insert the USB stick to your Nissan Connect device and import the speed camera file as custom POIs.

Follow all steps of the detailed installation guide for Nissan Connect

Screens & Photos

Fixed Speed Cameras

The POI database can be be downloaded for a small fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a Mac computer? → Answer
2. Why the Nissan Connect device do not recognize the USB stick? → Answer
3. Which data are included in the download? → Answer
4. Error: THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH SPACE to complete download? → Answer

1. Can I use a Mac computer?

No. The installation can only be done by using a Windows computer.
Do not use a Mac computer. Nissan Connect devices can not read USB sticks when they are written by a Mac. Because the Mac is writing additional (hidden) files.

2. Why the Nissan Connect device do not recognize the USB stick?

Pay special attention to the USB stick. You should use an USB stick smaller than 4 GB. Reformat the USB stick before using (do not use quick format). Reformat as FAT (not: FAT32 or exFAT). USB-Sticks with more than 4 GB capacity cannot be formatted as FAT. Take care of the correct spelling of the directories: folder myPOIs + subfolder myPOIWarnings + file nissan_connect.csv.

Note: In exceptional cases, it worked with a FAT32 formatted USB stick. However, we only know a few cases. Please try also with FAT32, if it doesn't work with FAT.

3. Which data are included in the download?

We offer data of fixed speed cameras for Nissan Connect. Mobile speed cameras are not included.

4. Error: THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH SPACE to complete download?

Nissan Connect devices have an unknown POI limit. We recommend to select less countries before the download starts. Select only the countries where you are really driving. Our database is growing up and it's possible that "Europe" is too big for the device.

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