GPS Campaign

At is the most accurate and up-to-date database of all stationary red light and speed cameras for Europe. With our SCDB Van we are on the road for you in all of Europe and cover more than 50,000 km each year! Nevertheless, we are not also able to immediately check every change to the number of radar traps onsite, and we don't always find every new safety camera on our tours. In order to find out the changes faster, we need your help and reward this support with our GPS Campaign.

All that you need is a navigation system / GPS receiver or the like and some time to find the stationary radar traps, to chart them and report them.

Lifelong free account

Do you know of a radar trap that is not yet in our database? For reporting the radar trap data and sending a picture of the speed camera, you will receive lifetime access to the download area for free! Please send your pictures (not more than 5MB altogether) with the subject "GPS Campaign" in addition to

Please note: Please research our system first before you report a new radar trap to us. Now and then the supposed new speed camera can already be found there. Mobile speed cameras are currently not recorded! » to search

1 year free account

Our database is subject to constant change. Each day, new radar traps or changes are reported. All these reports are checked and put into a list for each country. Currently, the following is listed there:

  • Newly setup speed cameras
  • Removed or moved speed cameras
  • Speed camera with a change of type, e.g. different top speed
  • Speed camera with a change to the specified direction, e.g. if a speed camera now checks both directions

The thing you have to do is actually very easy. Please check the speed cameras in these lists and report your results to us. In any case, we need the GPS position of the radar trap. To do this, please stop as close as possible to the radar trap and note down the values. We will thank your for your help with one year of free access to

Print the relevant list with the description of non verified speedcams:

Note: Please also inform us if you can’t find one of the specified speed cameras! All the information that we need for the report can be found in our form. So that you can record the necessary information, please simply print the form out before you chart the speed camera.

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