Speed Camera Map

Drag the marker to the position of the traffic camera you want to report.
Click "Save" if this is the final position.


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General information:
Please zoom the map above to show the speedtraps in your area. At the same time there will be displayed 30 speedtraps in the map. Depending on the area speedtraps can appear at different room ranges. The speedtraps are classified in more than 40 categories, the icons mostly self-explanatory. If you click the speedtraps icons, you get additional informations.

The status data in the additional information of the safety camera show the current state of the safety camera (A: Active; Z: Destroyed; L: Empty) and on the other hand the information for measurement (+: survey; -: not surveyed) again. You can also find all 'not surveyed' safety cameras in the list of our GPS Campaign.

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