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Speedcamera Alerts for Everyone

Mobile navigation systems, built-in car navigation, mobile GPS alerters and computer software - our speedcam data are available for a great many navigation systems. Due to our compatibility with over 100 systems we are the world's leading provider of speedcam data. One solution for many gadgets: - here's where you get your speedcam data.

Fixed and Mobile Speed Cameras.

Speed cameras, red light cameras, speed and red light combinations, section controls, entrance ramp and transit controls, tunnel safety cameras - we know all types of fixed cameras! Even when your GPS reception is insufficient temporarily, you'll still be warned by our alerts.

In addition to this, you'll get alerts at frequently used locations for mobile speedcam traps in Europe. These will prevent you from getting caught by any of the 50,000 traps including laser, radar pistols or other instantaneous speed measurement.
*Mobile speed camera datas are a free offer.
The download is only available for Garmin, Kenwood and TomTom.

Worldwide Speedcam Data

Wherever you are, with our data base at your side you'll always be playing safe. The collection of 74.000 fixed safety cameras in 90 countries make our database the most extensive there is.

Daily Updated Speed Traps

Our data base changes daily. The download of the database gives you access to the latest available version for your navigation system. It is up to you, how often you want to update the data for your system.

Reviewed Speed Camera Positions

Each and every speed trap location is reviewed - be it by you, the user personally, or our which covers the distance of 50,000 kilometers per year. This way, even the most outlying traps are tracked down - only for you.

Good Reasons for - Speed Camera DataBase