The POI database can be be downloaded for a small fee.

Supported devices


  • CarTrek

  • Clarion

  • Falk

  • LG

  • Medion & GoPal Navigator

  • Mio

  • Pioneer

  • Transonic

  • Sony

  • TCM

  • Yakumo

Now simply start driving, you will notice small exclamation mark on the screen in a small window, this may be moved to where is most suitable to you by pointing and click/dragging to the desired location. This window is where the indication of the camera type and permitted speed will appear. Further alterations are not necessary. As soon as you approach a camera, at a distance of 1km appears a symbol with the permitted speed or kind of the camera, 350m before sounds a signal, which 150m is before again repeated. (POI camera) the Warner works not in the simulation mode but only at genuine GPS receipt and movement of the vehicle. It also warned only if the speed camera supervises your driving direction, false alarms are thus nearly impossible.

All PND's / PNA's with Windows CE operating system are supported in principle by SpeedLimit. You can test SpeedLimit also on your navigation system, we can for this however give no guarantee. Write to us at, let us know where it functions, each point of reference is welcome. If you encounter an error in the database, please let us know immediately.

You need for comprehensive warnings: the software SpeedLimit 1.9.9 (for free) and the latest database for SpeedLimit 1.9.9 (fee required)


Follow all steps of the detailed installation guide for SpeedLimit 1.9.9

Screens & Photos

Fixed Speed Cameras

The POI database can be be downloaded for a small fee.

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