Installation Guide

Please Note

This installation guide contains 2 parts. If you want to test in advance only the free version of SpeedLimit with your navigation system then follow chapter I.

» I. To Installation of the software SpeedLimit 1.9.9

» II. To Update the SpeedLimit database


I. Installation of the software SpeedLimit 1.9.9

  1. Log in to with your personal access key and go to the Clarion product page for SpeedLimit 1.9.x. Please load the file and save it in a directory of your choice on your hard disk.

  2. In our example we save the file in the folder "C:/temp".

  3. Please unzip the file with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - in a directory of your choice. In our example we choose the folder "C:/temp/speedlimit".

  4. Before starting the installation, please check if your computer works with a current version of Microsoft ActiveSync. Otherwise load Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 - English for free and install the software on your computer.

  5. Switch on your navigation system and go to main menu (Do not start the navigation software). Connect it to the computer over the USB cable.

  6. Then Microsoft ActiveSync will start automatically. Please select a guest-partnership connection via Microsoft ActiveSync, otherwise you are unable to install SpeedLimit.

  7. Start the file Setup.exe with double click from the directory you choose at the beginning and follow the on-screen instructions.

  8. The lettering of SpeedLimit is shown on the PND/PNA screen during the installation. At the end of the installation procedure appears a smal window. As soon as the small window becomes green, SpeedLimit is activated.

  9. Now disconnect the navigation system from the computer. The installation of free version of SpeedLimit is finished and SpeedLimit is ready for live tests! While driving you will see a small icon on the display as reference that Speedlimit runs in the background. You are able to place and move it on the screen.


II. Update the SpeedLimit database

  1. Database updates give you on the newest conditions on the roads and once paid for may be updated daily. We recommend to update at least every month. Go to Download-Section for SpeedLimit database update and load the file speed.db. Save it in a directory of your choice on hard disk.

  2. In our example we save the file speed.db in the folder "C:/temp".

  3. Switch on your navigation system and connect it with Microsoft ActiveSync (it is necessary to choose guest-partnership).

  4. Please copy the new file speed.db to your PND/PNA into the folder Mobile device/My Flash Disk/SpeedLimit/data and confirm the message to overwrite the older file in the navigation system.

  5. That's all! Now, all speed cameras are installed and your navigation system is ready for a safe trip! For future updates follow only the steps 10-13.

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