Installation Guide

1 Identifying device
2 Free sample file
3 Installation of speed cameras
4 Updating speed cameras
5 Frequently asked questions


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1 Identifying device

  1. Suzuki SLDA (smartphone linkage display audio systems) and Suzuki SLN (smartphone linked navigation) look very similar.
    Please take a look to your System settings > Data carrier version to clarify what device do you have.
    That will be important for your USB stick.

    That picture shows a Suzuki SLN device:

  2. Suzuki SLDA and SLN require software version 1850 (or higher).
    Press in radio mode the button Settings for 30 seconds to display the software version.
    Advice: Are you looking for Suzuki Bosch SLDA software update 1880? Click here and use Google translate (recommended).


2 Free sample file

  1. The free sample file for UK and Ireland allows you to test if POI files can be installed on your navigation device.
    Install sample file according to this installation guide.

    Download sample file

    Try before purchase. Refund excluded after download started of full database.


3 Installation of speed cameras

  1. Sign in to
    Go to produkt page for Suzuki SLDA / SLN.
    We offer only data of fixed speed cameras.

  2. Make your decision on the download page.
    Use preselection on the left or country list on the right.
    Press CTRL key for multiple choice.

  3. In step 2 is only one option.
    The option All safety cameras in one category lets you download the data in a single file.

    Note: Unfortunately we can not influence the icons. They are specified by the navigation software.

  4. Press button Download Now.
    Save file on your hard disc.

    Note: In most cases, the file is saved directly to the download folder of the computer.
    Depending on your browser settings, sometimes you can choose the save location by yourself.

  5. Unpack the zip file.

    Unpacking on a Windows computer: right-klick on the zip file > Extract all...
    Unpacking on a Mac Computer: double-klick on the zip file.

  6. The file will automatically be decompressed into the folder suzuki-slda.

    Note: The CSV file is displayed with an Excel icon if you have installed Microsoft Excel in your computer.
    No reason to worry! You should not open the file with Excel though because the file format then can become corrupted and the file unusable.

  7. Connect USB flas drive to the computer.
    You need to format the USB stick before you can use it. Format in FAT32 (not: FAT or exFAT).
    Remove check mark from Quick Format.
    This step is strictly recommended!

    Note: Bosch devices are obviously very picky about USB flash drives. We recommend to use older USB 2.0 flash drives.
    Always try various sticks in case of any issue.

  8. Create required folder structure on the USB stick.

    for SLDA devices:
    Create folder myPoiWarnings.

    for SLN devices:
    Create folder myPOIs.
    Open folder myPOIs.
    Create subfolder myPoiWarnings.

    Attention: Correct spelling of folder names is very important!
    Do not use spaces and pay special attention to upper and lower case.

  9. Copy and paste the CSV file from folder suzuki-slda into folder myPoiWarnings.

    For SLDA devices the USB stick should look like that:

    For SLN devices the USB stick should look like that:

  10. Turn on the ignition.
    Start navigation app.

  11. Connect USB stick to navigation device (USB slot-is placed in the center console).

  12. The navigation device detects new POIs on the USB stick.
    Click Download.

  13. New POIs are loaded into the navigation device.
    Wait until the message: Download successful.

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  14. Click setting icon and go to Settings > My POIs > POI warning.
    Select On and beep (recommended).

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  15. Warning is shown on top of the screen when navigation is active.
    Speed camera appears with an icon in the map. The icon can not be changed.
    If navigation is not active, you only hear a beep.

    Slight beep appears nearly 250 meters before passing the POI.
    The beep is not adjustable, neither in volume nor in frequency.
    The aucoustic warning is controlled by software of the navigation device. We can not influence it with the POI file.
    The displayed description texts are not available in English.

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  16. If you want to delete speed cameras:
    Click setting icon.
    Go to Settings > My POIs > Delete MyPOIs.

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4 Updating speed cameras

    If you would like to update speed cameras in your device later: Please repeat all steps of this guide.
    Recommendation: Update your speed camera data once a month.


5 Frequently asked questions

    We also recommend to visit the Frequently Asked Questions.
    In most cases, the solution to a problem can already be found here.

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