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The installation can only be done by using a Windows computer.
Do not use a Mac computer. Nissan Connect devices can not read USB sticks when they are written by a Mac. Because the Mac is writing additional (hidden) files.


  1. Sign in to
    Click Download button on the product page for Nissan Connect.
    Save the file to your hard disk.

  2. Unzip the file with a suitable program to a target folder of your choice in your Windows computer.
    You will get unzipped file nissan_connect.csv.

  3. Use an USB stick with maximum capacity of 4 GB.
    Reformat the USB stick as FAT (not: FAT32 or exFAT).
    Do not use the quick format option.

    Note: Reformat as FAT before using is strictly recommended. Nissan Connect devices can only read FAT formatted USB sticks. USB sticks with more than 4 GB cannot be formatted as FAT.

  4. Create a new folder myPOIs on the USB stick.

  5. Create a new subfolder myPOIWarnings in the first folder.

  6. Copy file nissan_connect.csv to USB stick into directory "[USB stick]/myPOIs/myPOIWarnings". See screenshot.

  7. Connect the USB stick to your navigation device.

  8. Normally it will indicate new POI files automatically.

    If not:
    Click Setup key.
    Go to menu Navigation > MyPOI Settings > Download MyPOIs Now.
    Push Download button to install our speedcam database in your Nissan Connect.

    Note: That step overwrites older MyPOI files in the internal memory of your Nissan Connect!

  9. Now enable the acoustic alert.
    Go to menu Navigation > MyPOI Settings > MyPOI Warning.
    Set MyPOI Warning to ON & Beep (recommended).

    Note: Some older devices have only the option ON.

  10. Check also that menu: Navigation > Guidance & Map Settings.
    There is also an option for MyPOI Warning (select ON & Beep).

  11. We would much appreciate to get pictures of your device when you have an other software version.
    Please write us an email to Thanks in advance.

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