Speed cameras for BECKER

Speed cameras for BECKER

Safety camera database for BECKER with all stationary speed and red light monitoring systems worldwide.

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Installation Guide

1 Download speed cameras
2 Installation of speed cameras
3 Enabling speed cameras
4 Updating speed cameras/a>
5 Removing speed cameras


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1 Download speed cameras

  1. Go to our product page for BECKER.
    We offer only data of fixed speed cameras.
    Press button Download.

  2. Make your decision on the download page.
    Use preselection on the left or country list on the right.
    Press CTRL key for multiple choice.

  3. There is only one option in step 2.
    The speed camera database will be loaded as 1 file.

  4. Press button Download Now.
    Save file SpeedcamUpdates.spb on your hard disc.

    Note: In most cases, the file is saved directly to the download folder of the computer.
    Depending on your browser settings, sometimes you can choose the save location by yourself.


2 Installation of speed cameras

  1. Switch on your BECKER device.
    Connect device to the computer with USB cable.

  2. Open file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer, Mac Finder).
    The device will be shown as a flash drive on your computer.
    Search on the device for directory .../CONTENT/speedcam.

    Delete all files in the folder speedcam. The folder should be empty.

    Copy and paste file SpeedcamUpdates.spb into the folder speedcam.

    Note: The file size depends on selected countries and is constantly changing. In our example we've chosen Europe.

  3. Disconnect your BECKER device from the computer.
    Reboot device.


3 Enabling speedcams

  1. Go outside with the BECKER device.
    Switch on and get a real GPS fix.
    The following setting menu is only visible with a real GPS fix!

  2. Go to menu Settings > Navigation settings > Speedcam or Settings > Navigation settings > Danger spot.
    Enable Announce danger spots.
    Audible warning: On.
    Visual warning: On.


4 Updating speed cameras

    Repeat all steps of the guide above to update speed cameras in your device.
    Monthly updates will be recommended.


5 Removing speed cameras

    Go to menu Settings > Navigation settings > Speedcam > Remove danger spots function.
    Installed speed cameras will be removed from the device.

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