Installation Guide


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Please Note

Users of the Acer D100 PNA, Acer D160, Packard Bell Compasseo 500 and Packard Bell Compasseo 600 proceed please after the guide "Installation with the Destinator console".


Installation over ActiveSync

  1. Please unzip the overlay with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - in a target folder of your choice. In our example, we selected the folder "C:/High accident areas"; see illustration:

  2. The unzipped files can now be found in the folder that you selected (in our example it is "C:/High accident areas"); see illustration:

  3. Mark all unzipped files in the folder "destinator";click them with the right mouse button and then select "Copy"; see illustration:

  4. Connect your PocketPC to your computer and select your PocketPC in the Explorer under "Mobile device". Open the folder ".../DestinatorApps/Destinator/Common/Favorites".

    Important:User of Destinator 6 open the folder ".../DestinatorApps/Destinator/UserData/Favorites"

  5. Click the folder "Favorites" with the right mouse button and select "Paste".

  6. The data will now be copied to your PocketPC.

  7. When the copy process is finished, all the necessary files will be on your PocketPC. You can disconnect your PocketPC from the computer again and start your Destinator.

  8. Activate the overlay in Manage Favorites, see illustration:

    Important: Please do not click the option "Objects" in the speed camera categories. This will cause your PDA to freeze for an extended time.

  9. Please don't display the category Warning POI 1 (no checkmark in front of it), rather only configure as follows:

  10. Your Destinator is now ready to use.



Installation with the Destinator console

The installation with the Destinator console is particularly suitable for users of the Acer D100 PNA, Acer D160, Packard Bell Compasseo 500 and Packard Bell Compasseo 600.

  1. Connect your navigation system at the computer.

  2. Create csv files for Destinator and store these in a folder of your choice on your computer. For this you find details in the guide "Speed camera update with PoiEdit"

  3. Start the Destinator console and click you on "standard map"

  4. Click on "favorite import".

  5. Select a csv file which you produced before, indicate to the names of a category and click on the conversion button. In the message field a report appears that contents of the file are converted and that the file is ready for the Download.

  6. Through click on "Download" would be transfers the converted file to the device.

  7. You can finish the Destinator console and separate the navigation system from the computer. Still the favorite message must be activated now.

  8. Over the menu "destination/favorites" come you to the warning attitudes. Click you on "messages" and select for reference 1 and reference 2 a distance. The range reading for reference 1 must be larger than for reference 2.

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