Guide d'installation

Unfortunately the description of the plug-in and the installation guidance are at the moment only in German, English, Dutch and French available. We look for assistance to translate the texts into other languages (Italian, Spanish). The assistance will be recompensed with a 2 year free account!
Please write us an e-mail to for more information!


  1. Log in to and go to the product page of Mio. Before starting the download you have to select your desired countries and choose one of the possible options for icons (we recommend: split into all categories). After that click to Download button and save the file to your hard disk.

  2. In our example we saved the file into directory "C:/temp".

  3. Unzip the overlay with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - to a target folder of your choice in your computer. In our example, we select the folder "C:/temp/mio".

  4. Now the folder "C:/temp/mio" contains all unzipped files in *.bmp format and *.csv format (every file stands for a speed camera category).

  5. Switch on your Mio device and connect it to the PC over the USB cable.

  6. Start the software MioMore Desktop and select "Custom POIs".

  7. Click "Browse" and choose a *.csv file in the folder "C:/temp/mio". At first we choosed Speedcams_50mph.csv.

  8. Set "Speedcams 50" as the new POI category name. Enable the Visual alert and choose a distance. With Browse you are able to add an icon file for the new POI category. Enable also Audio alert and click to "Add" to refer the sound file alert.wav in the folder "C:/temp/mio".

  9. Finally click "Add to device" to transfer the speed camera category to the Mio device.

  10. Repeat the steps 7 till 10 for each speed camera file.

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