Guide d'installation

Note: Unfortunately only maximally 3000 points on the devices can be stored at present. Please do you choose a land selection therefore to the Download, with which the maximum limit is kept. As assistance we recommend our statistics to you!

  1. Please logon and click on the download centre button, click "Start download", and save the file "" on your hard drive.

  2. Please unzip the overlay with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - in a target folder of your choice on your computer.

  3. You find then a folder named "Clarion".

  4. Copy this folder to a USB-memory-stick.

  5. Connect this USB-memory-stick to your NAX963HD navigation system.

  6. Please select [Menu / Settings / Next / Import Data].

  7. Press the [Import] button to copy the files to the harddisk.

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