Speed cameras for Alpine INA-W910R

Installation Guide

  1. Log in to SCDB.info with your access key and go to Downloadcenter for Alpine INA-W910R. After that click the Download button and save the file alpine-ina.zip to your hard disc.

  2. Unzip the file alpine-ina.zip with a suitable program – we recommend WINZIP or WINRAR – onto the root directory of an empty SD card (formatted as FAT32). Following folder and files need to be in root directory of the SD card.

  3. Power the unit on and insert the SD card into INA-W910R. The SD card slot is accessible by pressing the "Eject/Tilt” hard key. The "Eject/Tilt” hard key is located as indicated below. Then press the “Open” soft key.

  4. Reset INA-W910R to initialize the update. The “Reset” hard key is located as indicated below. Use a pencil to press the “Reset” hard key. Power the unit on again by pressing the “Source” hard key.

  5. The Update is finished once the popup message “Navigation Update Successful” is displayed. Press the “OK” soft key.

  6. Remove the SD card and press again the “Reset” hard key.

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