Speed cameras for Garmin

Speed cameras for Garmin

Safety camera database for Garmin with all stationary speed and red light monitoring systems worldwide.

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Installation Guide

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» I. Preparation
» II. Install the speed camera data
» III. Enable proximity alerts
» IV. Delete Cyclops sample POIs
» V. Uninstall the speed camera data


I. Preparation

    Download and install the current POI Loader from Garmin.
    Afterwards save your own "User special destinations".
    The speed camera POIs and categories can not be edited in the device.


II. Install the speed camera data

  1. Go to the download page for Garmin. Select your desired countries and choose one of the possible options for images.
    Click button Download Now and save the file garmin.zip to your hard disk. You can also load mobile speed cameras for free.

    Important for using the UK data:
    The UK data are in "mph" instead of "km/h". Please use the UK data separate and select in the POI Loader "mph" by the data transfer!

  2. Unzip the downloaded file with a suitable program.

    The folder garmin includes fixed speed cameras.

    The folder garmin-mobil includes mobile speed cameras in subfolders.
    Choose only 1 country. Or choose All countries if you want more than 1 country.

  3. Move all fixed speedcam files and all mobile speedcam files in one folder before starting POI Loader.
    (Ignore that step when you only install fixed speedcams.)

    For example we create a new folder SCDB-Blitzer at the desktop. Now we move all files to install into that folder.

    Fixed speedcams: Move all *.csv and *.bmp files to SCDB-Blitzer:

    Mobile speedcams: Choose 1 country (or folder "All countries") and move all *.csv files to SCDB-Blitzer:

    Mobile speedcams: Choose subfolder with prefered icon size (e.g. mobile_32x32_8bit_medium) and move all *.bmp files to SCDB-Blitzer:

    Finally the folder SCDB-Blitzer includes all files to install:

  4. Switch on the Garmin device and connect it to the computer.

  5. Start software POI Loader.

  6. Follow the instructions of POI Loader on screen.

  7. Disconnect the Garmin device when POI Loader is finished.


III. Enable proximity alerts

  1. Switch on the Garmin device.

  2. Go to Settings > Driver Assistance > Proximity Alerts.



    Menu Audio: We recommend "Continuous Tone".

    Menu Alerts: Enable "Custom POIs". "Garmin Safety Cameras" must be disable!
    You can't use SCDB and Garmin Safety Cameras at the same time.

  3. You want to check if the installation was successful? Go to Where To? > Categories > Custom POIs.
    Select a speedcam POI in one of the available SCDB categories.




IV. Delete Cyclops sample POIs

  1. Mostly Cyclops sample POIs are preinstalled in the POI folder (e.g. AustriaGermanyCyclopsSample.gpi).
    Cyclops POIs prevent the display of SCDB POIs. Therefore you have to delete (Löschen) all Cyclops files.

  2. Now your Garmin is ready for a safe trip!


V. Uninstall the speed camera data

  1. To completely remove the speed camera data again from your Garmin, turn on the Garmin and connect it to the PC. Then start the POI Loader and follow the instructions first. Then select the option: Remove all previously installed custom POIs from your Garmin.

  2. Then confirm the warning message with OK. After that, the speed camera data (Custom POIs) are completely removed from your Garmin.

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