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This Installation Guide is divided into 2 parts. Please follow part I if you only want to test the free version of SpeedLimit 1.2.5.

» I. Installation of the software SpeedLimit 1.2.5

» II. Update of speedLimit database


I. Installation of the software SpeedLimit 1.2.5

  1. Log in to and go to Downloadcenter for SpeedLimit 1.2.5. Load the file and save it to your hard disk.

  2. In our example we save the file in the folder "C:/temp".

  3. Please unzip the overlay with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - to a target folder of your choice in your computer. In our example, we select the folder "C:/temp/speedlimit_1.2.5".

  4. Before you start the installation of SpeedLimit 1.2.5, please check if you installed a currently version of Microsoft ActiveSync (for Windows XP) or Gestionnaire pour appareils Windows Mobile (for Windows Vista). If you don't have a currently version you can get it for free from Microsoft websites.

  5. Switch on your Smartphone with Windows Mobile and finish all active programs. Afterwards you see the startscreen of Windows Mobile. Connect your Smartphone now to the PC over USB cable.

  6. A connection will be produced automatically via Microsoft ActiveSync. Please connect it as "guest-partnership" (do not syncronize). If you don't recognize these instruction you will be unable to install software SpeedLimit.

  7. Start the file setup.exe from the unzipped folder SpeedLimit. Confirm the next instruction with OK.

  8. Open Microsoft ActiveSync window and choose "Extras/software...". Now SpeedLimit 1.2.5 will be installed. Please follow the next instructions and confirm with OK.

  9. After installation was sucessful in your Smartphone devcie, close the window with OK.

  10. You will find SpeedLimit 1.2.5 in your Smartphone in menu Start or menu Programs.


II. Update of SpeedLimit database

  1. Make regular updates to be on the newest level. Go to Downloadcenter for SpeedLimit database update and load the file speed.db. Save it to one folder on your harddisk.

  2. In our example we save the file speed.db in the folder "C:/temp".

  3. Switch on your Smartphone and connect it with Microsoft ActiveSync (for Windows XP) or Gestionnaire pour appareils Windows Mobile (for Windows Vista). Please do not syncronize! You have to select via guest-partnership.

  4. Copy the file speed.db in the folder Mobile device/My Flash Disk/SpeedLimit/data of your Smartphone. The older file can be overwrite.

  5. Now you are ready for a safe trip. If you want to update your Smartphone in future you only have to do the last four steps.


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