Radars fixes pour Garmin (L'Europe)

Radars fixes pour Garmin (L'Europe)

Radars fixes pour Garmin avec toutes les installations fixes de contrôle de la vitesse et les systèmes de surveillance des feux rouges.

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Guide d'installation


+++ macOS 10.15 Catalina: POI Loader no longer working +++

That helps you if you already updated to macOS 10.15 Catalina.
Our pre-made solution includes speed camera data for Europe with medium sized icons (32x32, 8 bit).
We can not offer a solution for every single case. Thank you for understanding.
Contact Garmin Support if you would like to know when POI Loader is available as 64-bit version.


1 Download speed camera data
2 Install speed camera data
3 Enable proximity alerts
4 Update speed camera data
5 Remove speed camera data


1 Download speed camera data

  1. Go to our productpage for Garmin - Europe to download fixed speed cameras.
    We have pre selected the following settings for this interim solution:

    countries: Europe (without UK), Great Britain (UK)
    differentiation: Split into all categories
    France: correct position
    icon size: medium (32x32, 8 bit)
    units: meter and KPH for Europe, Foot and MPH for Great Britain

  2. Press button Download Now.

  3. Save the file garmin-eu.zip on your hard disc.

    Note: In most cases, the file is saved directly in the download folder of the computer. Depending on your browser settings, sometimes you can choose the location by yourself.

  4. Unpack zip file.
    You'll get the folder garmin-eu.

    Unpacking on a Windows computer: right click on the zip file > Extract all...
    Unpacking on a Mac Computer: double click on the zip file.

  5. The folder garmin-eu contains subfolders.
    Choose your language.

  6. Language folder contains 2 speed camera files for Europe (without UK) and Great Britain (UK). Example:

    We have choosen meter and KPH for Continental Europe.
    We have choosen foot and MPH for Great Britain.
    You can read update date in the file name (e.g. 2019-10-10).


2 Install speed camera data

  1. Switch on your Garmin device.
    Connect the device with your computer.

  2. Open Windows Explorer (respectively Mac: Finder).
    Garmin device is displayed as a flash drive in the computer.
    Search for folder POI respectively poi.

  3. Mostly, Cyclops sample POIs are preinstalled in the POI folder.
    Cyclops POIs prevent the display of SCDB POIs.
    Therefore you have to delete (Löschen) all Cyclops files (e.g. AustriaGermanyCyclopsSample.gpi, ...).
    Delete also any existing older SCDB files.

  4. Copy and paste new speed camera files (GPI files) into POI folder.

  5. Disconnect Garmin device from the computer.


3 Enable proximity alerts

  1. Switch on the Garmin device.

  2. Go to Settings > Driver Assistance > Proximity Alerts.



    Menu Audio: We recommend "Continuous Tone".

    Menu Alerts: Enable "Custom POIs". "Garmin Safety Cameras" must be disabled!
    You can't use SCDB and Garmin Safety Cameras at the same time.

  3. You want to check if the installation was successful? Go to Where To? > Categories > Custom POIs.
    Select a speedcam POI in one of the available SCDB categories.



  4. Now your Garmin is ready for safe drive!


4 Update speed camera data

    Repeat all steps of the guide above to update the speed camera data on your device.
    Monthly updates are recommended.


5 Remove speed camera data

  1. Switch on the Garmin device.
    Connect the device to the computer.
    Start software POI Loader and follow instructions on screen.
    Select option Remove all previously installed custom POIs from your Garmin.

  2. Confirm message by pressing OK.
    In the end, the speed camera data (custom POIs) will be completely removed from your Garmin.

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