Installation Guide

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Attention: Please use a Windows computer. Because there will be written additional files onto the sd-card if you are using a Mac computer (it doesn't work).


  1. Check first if you have a device produced by Harman/Becker.
    Does your device looks like in the picture?

    Take a look to the version into setting menu too.

    Note: All devices produced by Magneti Marelli (RT3, RT4, RT5, RT6, WIP COM, WIP Nav+, Connect Nav+, SMEG, SMEG+) are not supported.
    Refund excluded after download.

  2. Sign in to
    Go to product page for Peugeot WIP Nav.
    Push Download button and save file to your hard disk.

  3. Unzip file with a suitable program to a target folder of your choice in your computer.
    You will get unzipped files hazardareas.lwd and versionhazard.txt.

  4. Copy both unzipped files onto sd-card of WIP Nav into directory "[sd-card]/database". Replace pre-existing files.

  5. Insert sd-card into WIP Nav navigation system and start navigation mode by pressing NAV key.

  6. Go to Navigation menu/Settings/Speedcams and activate all options: "show speedcams on map", "visible alert" and "acoustic alert".

  7. Our speedcams files work with a direction of travel dependent warning function, i.e., you are only warned, if the radar trap oversees your current driving direction.

Good Reasons for - Speed Camera DataBase