Installation Guide

1 Identify device
2 Free sample file
3 Installation of speed cameras
4 Updating speed cameras
5 Removing speed cameras
6 Frequently asked questions


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1 Identify device

    Make sure that you have Navi 600 or Navi 900 device.
    Pay attention to the lettering between the knobs (see red arrows).

    Opel Navi 600

    Opel Navi 900


2 Free sample file

    The free sample file allows you to test if POIs can be installed on your navigation device.
    Install sample file according to this installation guide.
    The sample file covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But it doesn't matter if you are in another countríes. It should only show the installation procedure.

    Download sample file

    Try before purchase. Refund excluded after download started of full database.


3 Installation of speed cameras

  1. Load the file from our website.

  2. Unzip the file to a directory of your choice onto your hard disk.

  3. Use an USB stick with maximum capacity of 4 GB.
    Format the USB stick as FAT (not: FAT32 or exFAT).
    Do not use the quick format option.

    Note: Reformat as FAT before using is strictly recommended. OPEL devices can only read FAT formatted USB sticks. USB sticks with more than 4 GB cannot be formatted as FAT.

  4. Create a folder myPOIs into the root directory of your USB memory stick.

  5. Copy and paste unzipped speedcam files into the directory myPOIs.

  6. Insert the USB stick into the sat nav unit.

  7. Push key CONFIG at your device.

  8. Select Navigation settings > Import individual POIs.
    Note: These pictures are taken from OPEL Navi 600.


  9. Click Continue to import POIs.

  10. Importing of POIs can take a very long time 5 to 10 minutes.
    The message stating "50% completed" will not update during this period and will then suddenly change to 100% completed.
    Please be patient.


  11. At the end there will be a message for success.

  12. Set up alerts.

    Opel Navi 600:
    That feature is not available.

    Opel Navi 900:
    Push key CONFIG at your device.
    Select Navigation settings > myPOIs announcement > Category: Cinema.


    Select Announce POIs late (recommended).

  13. Show on map.

    Opel Navi 600:
    Select Navigation settings > Show myPOIs on map.
    Enable category Kino.

  14. Opel Navi 900:
    Push key NAV at your device.
    Select Navigation options > Show POIs on map > Map options.


    Enable category Cinema.

    Confirm your select with Apply settings.

  15. Use zoom level 500 m or lower to show speed cameras on map.


4 Updating speed cameras

    Repeat all steps of the guide above to update speed cameras in your device.
    Monthly updates will be recommended.


5 Removing speed cameras

    Push key CONFIG.
    Go to Navigation settings > Delete all imported POIs.


6 Frequently asked questions

    We also recommend to visit the Frequently Asked Questions.
    In most cases, the solution to a problem can already be found here.

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