Installation Guide

  1. Please unzip the file with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - in a target folder of your choice on your computer. In our example, we selected the folder "C:/High accident areas".

  2. The unzipped files can now be found in the folder that you selected (in our example it is "C:/High accident areas"). Now, mark all the unzipped files in the folder. Click them with the right mouse button and select "Copy"
  3. Put the Navicore card in the MMC Card Reader that was supplied and which is connected to the PC. Open the folder "...MAPDATA/extensions" on the Navicore card.
  4. Click the folder "extensions" with the right mouse button and then click "Paste".
  5. When the copy process has completed, all the necessary files will be on your Navicore card. You can remove it from the MMC card reader again, put it back into your mobile phone, and start Navicore Personal.
  6. Please confirm the installation individually.
  7. The next thing to do is to configure the destination approaching system. To do this, please call the menu "Settings" and then select the tab "Special destination".
  8. Select the speed camera category to be edited and then select "Options".
  9. Select the destination approaching system and then 100, 250, 500, or 1000 metres.
    We recommend the following settings, but of course you are free to adapt these values to your requirements.
    10-30 km/h speed camera 100m
    40-80 km/h speed camera 250m
    90-130 km/h speed camera 500m
    dyn. speed camera 500m
    Traffic light speed camera 100m

  10. Your Navicore Personal is now ready to use.

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