Installation Guide

  1. Please unzip the overlay with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - in a target folder of your choice on your computer. In our example, we selected the folder "C:/temp/neuer Ordner";see illustration:

  2. The unzipped files can now be found in the folder that you selected (in our example it is "C:/temp/neuer Ordner"); see illustration:

  3. Now, mark all unzipped files in the folder "Blitz";click them with the right mouse button and then select "Copy"; see illustration:

  4. Connect your PocketPC to your computer and select the PocketPC in the Explorer under "Mobile device". Open the folder "[NAVIGON_PROGRAMMORDNER]/POI/BLITZ". In our example, [NAVIGON_PROGRAMMORDNER] corresponds to the folder "Mobile Navigator 4.0".

    Please note: If the "Blitz" folder doesn't exist, simply create the folder "Blitz" in the folder "POI"

  5. Use the right mouse button to click the folder "Blitz" and then select "Paste"; see illustration:

  6. The data will be copied to your PocketPC.

  7. When the copy process is finished, all the necessary files will be on your PocketPC and the folder structure should look like the following:

  8. That was everything. You can disconnect your PocketPC from the PC again and restart your mobile navigator.

Please note: An acoustic warning is not possible with this overlay. For this purpose, please use our program SpeedLimit.

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