Installation Guide

Please Note

If you want to update your GPS Reminder for the first time then please follow all steps in this guide. In the future you can even start with step 10.

» I. To Installation of USB driver

» II. To Installation of update tool

» III. To Update database


I. Installation of USB driver

  1. Connect the GPS Reminder to the computer over the USB cable. Microsoft Windows should detect the new device automatically.

  2. Install the USB driver (included on CD) with the Windows assistant for new hardware.

  3. Please select the correct driver for Windows XP or Windows Vista.

  4. Ignore this error message from your Windows system.

  5. Finally two messages appear for successful installation of the USB driver.

  6. You can also check this in your hardware manager.


II. Installation of update tool

  1. Please log in to and go to the GPS Reminder product page. Click to Download button and save the files (latest database) and (update tool) to your hard disk. In our example we save the files in the folder "C:/temp".

  2. Unzip the file with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - to a target folder of your choice in your computer. In our example, we selected the folder "C:/temp/update_flash_utility".

  3. Now copy the file to the folder "C:/temp/update_flash_utility".


III. Update database

  1. Make sure that the latest database file of is contained in the folder of "Flash Update Utility". Otherwise please load the latest database from and copy it to the folder of "Flash Update Utility". Then start the update tool with Update.exe

  2. Click to Auto Open COM Port to open the correct COM Port for GPS Reminder (see also "Installation of USB driver"). It appears "COM opened...".

  3. Click Update wave files if you want to update the wave files in your GPS Reminder.

  4. Please Note

    These step is only necessary, if your GPS Reminder don't speak the correct language! At the moment these wave files are available in English and German.

  5. Now click to Update Camera Database. Please wait till the message "Camera DataBase file update successful" appears. After that you will see the version of the installed database on right upper corner.

  6. Close the tool with EXIT and disconnect your GPS Reminder with the computer.

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