Installation Guide

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Attention: Please use a Windows computer. Because there will be written additional files onto the sd-card if you are using a Mac computer (it doesn't work).


  1. Please check first if you have a Harman/Becker (RNEG) MyWay system, all other units produced by Magneti Marelli (RT4, RT5, RT6, e-MyWay ) are not supported. To find out which system you have, go on Setup, then System and at least on Software-Version.

  2. Login to with your access key and go to the Citroen MyWay product page. Push Download button and save the file to your hard disk.

  3. Unzip file with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - to a target folder of your choice in your computer. You will get unzipped files hazardareas.lwd and versionhazard.txt.

  4. Copy both unzipped files onto sd-card of MyWay into directory "[sd-card]/database". Replace pre-existing files.

  5. Insert sd-card into MyWay navigation system and start navigation mode by pressing NAV key.

  6. Go to Navigation menu/Settings/Speedcams and activate all options: "show speedcams on map", "visible alert" and "acoustic alert".

  7. Our speedcams files work with a direction of travel dependent warning function, i.e., you are only warned, if the radar trap oversees your current driving direction.

Good Reasons for - Speed Camera DataBase