Installation Guide

1 Important note
2 Identifying device
3 Download speed camera data
4 Installation of speedcam data on navigation device
5 Updating speed camera data
6 Removing speed camera data
7 Frequently Asked Questions


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1 Important note

    We recommend to use a Windows computer for the installation.

    Mac computers write additional service files on the SD card. It doesn't work with these files.
    Therefore you should clear the SD card with the free application CleanMyDrive 2 before connecting to the navigation device.


2 Identifying device

    First, check and identify your device if it was really produced by manufacturer Harman/Becker.
    Does your Citroën MyWay (RNEG) looks like in that picture?

    Take also a look to software version (press Setup key > System > Software version).
    The SD card has to be branded with "HARMAN/BECKER".

    You can only use the database with the shown device above.
    Devices produced by manufacturer Magneti Marelli are not supported (RT3, RT4, RT5, RT6, e-MyWay, SMEG, SMEG+).

    Identify your device before purchase. Refund excluded after download started of full database.


3 Download speed camera data

  1. Go to our product page for Citroën MyWay.
    We offer only data of fixed speed cameras.
    Press button Download.

  2. Save the file on your hard disc.

    Note: In most cases, the file is saved directly to the download folder of the computer.
    Depending on your browser settings, sometimes you can choose the save location by yourself.

  3. Unpack the zip file.
    Unpacking on a Windows computer: right-klick on the zip file > Extract all...

  4. You get the files hazardareas.lwd and versionhazard.txt through unpacking.

  5. Open Windows Explorer.
    Copy and paste both files on the SD card of the MyWay device into the folder database. Overwrite both pre-existing files.

  6. Safely remove the SD card from the computer.


4 Installation of speedcam data on navigation device

  1. Insert the SD card into the MyWay device.

  2. Press NAV key on the device.

  3. Open the menu Navigation menu > Settings > Set parameters for risk areas.
    Enable all options: Show on map, Visual alert and Audible alert.

  4. Our speedcams files work with a direction of travel dependent warning function. You only get alerts if the radar trap oversees your current driving direction.


5 Updating speed camera data

    Repeat all steps of the guide above to update speed cameras in your device.
    We recommend to update the data once a month to drive safely.


6 Removing speed camera data

    Delete the files hazardareas.lwd and versionhazard.txt in the folder database on the SD card of your MyWay device.


7 Frequently Asked Questions

    We also recommend to note the Frequently Asked Questions. In most cases, the solution to a problem can already be found here.

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