Installation Guide

Please note:

Safety cameras can be installed on the Geosat 4 by importing the database using the application GSUPDATE available at

1. Connect to and click on SUPPORT.

2. Click on FAQ' s and Downloads.

3. Select the product and model from the menu to continue.

4. Click on the Update software:
the last version of the software available will appear.

5. Click on download.

6. Insert login and password received at the time of product receipt.

If the software has never been updated it is necessary to register the product and download the drivers. Once the GSUPDATE application is downloaded and launched, it can be used to update the software or just to transfer the POI database from the Pc to the navigator.

  1. You must decompress the Overlay with an adequate program - we advise WINZIP - in folder of your choice. In our example we have chosen the folder "C:/temp/neuer Ordner"; you see this in the image.

  2. The information rows decompressed to this point have been saved in the folder you chose. (In our example "C:/temp/neuer Ordner"); shown in the figure.

  3. To begin software GSUPDATE on your PC.

  4. Click on the push-button of your transfered database.

  5. The shown shaded line will ask you to select the rows of the safety camera database loaded on the PC, and therefore create a category of safety camera. These files that will come automatically are converted in format AVMAP.

  6. When the database has been imported to your Geosat 4 navigator, it will be possible to activate a proximity alarm.


On the Geosat 4 TRAVEL press the MENU button twice and select SYSTEM setup and then press the + button to confirm and open the menu.

Move the JOYSTICK to Alarms and press + to confirm and select.

Points of Interest (P.O.I.) selection

To show the POI selections Move the JOYSTICK to P.O.I. and press + to confirm and be able to select chosen categories.

n order to include or to eliminate a category, select it with the JOYSTICK and to press key ENT in order to confirm. The categories selected are those marked with a “tick” symbol.

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