Installation Guide

  1. Log in to with your access key and go to thenAlpine NVE-M300P product page. Push Download button and save the file to your hard disk.

  2. Unzip the file with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - to a target folder of your choice in your computer.

  3. Copy all folders and files of extracted folder "" onto the root directory of an empty USB stick (FAT formatted).

  4. Connect the USB stick to NVE-M300P Navigation Module while the ignition of the vehicle is turned on.

  5. Select YES in popup message "Do you want to reboot system?" – the Update initialises automatically and will be finished when progress bar is at the level of 100%.

  6. Remove the USB stick from NVE-M300P Navigation Module, the unit will reboot again automatically.

  7. To check if SCDB was updated successfully, the file “Update.log.txt” (created in root directory of the USB stick after the update) needs to have the following content:

    Note: Time stamp can vary dependent on the hardware used.

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