Installation Guide

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I. Is this database compatible with my Alpine?

  1. This Alpine device is available in different models:
    Alpine INE-S900R
    Alpine INE-S900R (service pack 1)
    Alpine INE-S900R (service pack 2)

    The destination screen helps you determine the model.

    Does your destination screen look like in the following picture?
    Your device is an Alpine INE-S900R device without service pack. You are right here. Continue reading and use the speedcam database from this page.

    Or does your destination screen look like this?
    Your device is an Alpine INE-S900R device including service pack. Stop here, you are wrong. Change here to correct website..


II. Installation

  1. Click the Download button and save the file onto your computer.

  2. Unzip the file with a suitable program. The downloaded file is called alpine-ine-s900r.csv.

  3. Copy the file alpine-ine-s900r.csv onto the root directory of an empty USB stick.

  4. Connect the USB stick to Alpine INE-S900R directly (USB connector on the backside of the device) or via the USB cable included in the box of the navigation system.

  5. Switch on the device.

  6. Press the hard key Menu on the left side of the device, then press Setup. Select Navi on the left side and press Personal POI.


  7. Press the Update button to import the speed camera database into your system. Confirm pressing YES.


  8. The update process might take a few minutes. Please wait until you see the confirmation screen.


  9. If you want to update your database after a few weeks, just repeat the above mentioned steps..

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