Installation Guide

1 Notes
2 Preparing USB flash drive
3 Download speed camera data
4 Installing the speed camera data
5 Updating speed cameras
6 Troubleshooting
7 Removing speed camera data


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1 Notes

  1. The Alpine device is based on iGO software of manufactor NNG.
    Speedcams may not be visible in Switzerland, France and border areas.
    That is a restriction of device software. That is not an mistake of our database.
    Because the data is included in the download.

    Refund is excluded in this case.

    Contact our support team and send us your file AlpineNavi.exe. We could help in some cases.


2 Preparing USB flash drive

  1. Connect an USB flash drive to the computer.

  2. Reformat USB flash drive as FAT32 (not: FAT/FAT16 or exFAT).
    Do not use the quick format.
    Reformat as FAT32 before using is strictly recommended.

    Important note: Always reformat, even if you have newly purchased the USB flash drive.


3 Download speed camera data

  1. Go to our productpage for Alpine INE-W710D, INE-W997D and X-series.
    We offer data of fixed speed cameras.
    Press the button Download.

  2. Make your choice on the download page.
    Use the preselection list on the left side or the country list on the right.
    Press the CTRL key for multiple choice.

  3. There is only one option in step 2.
    The speed camera database will be loaded as 1 file.
    Note: Alpine devices can not import custom POI icons. Devices always use default icons of the iGO software.

  4. Press button Download Now.
    Save the file on your hard disc.

    Note: In most cases, the file is saved directly to the download folder of the computer.
    Depending on your browser settings, sometimes you can choose the save location by yourself.

  5. Unpack the zip file.

    Unpacking on a Windows computer: right-klick on the zip file > Extract all...
    Unpacking on a Mac Computer: double-klick on the zip file.

  6. After unpacking you have the folder LIMOBSP and the file LIMOAUTORUN.exe.

    Copy and paste both to the USB flash drive.
    Now your USB flash drive should look like our screenshots.

  7. Safely remove the USB flash drive from the computer.


4 Installing the speed camera data

  1. Switch on the ignition.
    Power on your Alpine device.
    Wait until the device is completely powered up.

  2. Connect the USB flash drive to your Alpine device.
    The update will start, and the speed camera data will be imported.
    Please note that some USB flash drives have an LED light. This will flash during the import process.
    Wait until the end import process ends.

    Switch to map view.
    The following message should appear: Speedcam data update finished – Please remove USB stick.

  3. Remove USB flash drive from the device.

  4. Reboot the device.

  5. Make sure that the Alpine device has real GPS fix.
    Your vehicle should be outdoors. Probably, you will not find real GPS fix if your vehicle is in the garage.

  6. Go to menu Settings > Warnings > Speed Camera Warning.
    Note: The wording of that menu can be different. It depends on installed software version.

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    Note: The iGO software manages all acoustic and visual alerts. We have no influence on acoustic or visual alerts. Our database is just a POI file.
    The alerts may change or get lost after map or software updates.

    Note: In most devices you have to choose a TTS speech for acoustic alerts. TTS speeches tells you street names and other notifications.


5 Updating speed cameras

    Repeat all steps of the guide above to update speed cameras in your device.
    Monthly updates will be recommended.


6 Troubleshooting

    We received some user reports. Their first installation failed. The update doesn't start up after connecting the USB flash drive to the device.
    The issues were solved by these methods: trying various USB flash drives, multiple reformatting of the USB flash drive, multiple installation processes.
    Presumably there is a bug in the navigation software.

    Reformat your USB flash drive again if the following error message is displayed.
    Try also various USB flash drives.


7 Removing speed camera data

    Download that file to remove speed camera data from your Alpine device.

    Download Remove-this-file

    Install that file according to the installation guide above.

Good Reasons for - Speed Camera DataBase