Installation Guide

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  1. Sign in to

  2. Load file to your computer.

  3. Reformat an USB stick as FAT32 (not: FAT or exFAT).
    Do not use the quick format option.

    Note: Reformat as FAT32 before using is strictly recommended.

  4. Unzip the file with a suitable program directly to the root directory of an USB stick.

  5. Safely remove the USB stick from your computer.

  6. Power on the navigation device.

  7. Connect the USB stick to the device.

  8. The update starts automatically and copies the speed camera data into the device.
    Watch the USB stick to see if an LED* (*if present) indicates that datas are being copied.
    Then switch to the navigation map. This message should appear: Speedcam data update finished – Please remove USB stick.

  9. Remove the USB stick.

  10. The navigation device restarts automatically and is ready to use.

  11. Enable alerts in the menu Setting > Alerts > Alert POIs (Einstellungen > Warnungen > Warnpunkte).
    Sorry, we only have german pictures. Who can send us pictures in english language?

    Attention: Speedcams may not be visible in Switzerland, France and border areas. Because your navigation device is based on iGO software from the manufacturer NNG. In some versions of iGO, the manufacturer blocks speed camera datas in individual countries (e.g. Switzerland, France and border areas).

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