Installation Guide

Attention: Speedcams may not be visible in Switzerland, France and border areas.
That is a restriction of device software. That is not a mistake of our database.
Because the data is included in the download.

Refund is excluded in this case.

Please contact our support and send us your file AlpineNavi.exe.
We could help in some cases.


  1. Power on the navigation device.

  2. Press the hard key Open / Tilt, then press the soft key SD.

  3. Remove the protective cover of the SD card and remove the SD card itself.

  4. Insert the SD card to your PC’s card reader.

  5. Log in to with your access key and go to the product page for Alpine INE-W987D. Load the file to your PC.

  6. Unzip the file with a suitable program directly to the root directory of the SD card.
    Click Yes in case your PC operating system asks, if the existing file SpeedCamText.txt located in the target folder shall be replaced.

  7. Now your SD card should look like this:

  8. Safely remove the SD card from your PC.

  9. Reinsert the SD card into the SD card slot of your navigation device and attach the protective cover.

  10. Press the soft key SD.

  11. Reset the navigation device by pressing the Reset Button located on the very left hand side of the hard key panel using a thin object (i.e. a needle).

  12. The navigation device restarts automatically and is ready to use.

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