Installation Guide

1 Important notes
2 Free sample file
3 Download speed camera data
4 Installing the speed camera data
5 Updating speed cameras


1 Important notes

    The speed camera data can only be installed on the SD card.
    To remove the SD card, you will need to partially remove the device from the holder.
    The SD card is located on the left inner side of the device (see photos).

    The image displays the device in a removed state. It is viewed from the top, showing the left side of the device. The front side, back side, a rubber cover, and the SD card are marked in the image with arrows.

    The removed device has an SD card slot on the left side. Someone is holding the SD card in their hands in front of it.

    Your navigation device is based on iGO software developed by NNG. In certain iGO versions, the manufacturer restricts the display of speed camera data in specific countries. This may include Switzerland, France and bordering regions. If you do not see any speed cameras displayed in these countries, it is not a fault of our database, as the data is included in our database.

    During map and software updates, the speed camera warning function may be lost. Therefore, please carefully consider whether you really need the update before proceeding. Once the update is completed, it will not be possible to revert to the previous version.

    Please always try our free sample file before making a purchase.


2 Free sample file

    With our free sample file, you can test how the speed camera data is installed on your device before making a purchase.

    Download sample file

    Download and install the sample file ( according to the instructions provided below.
    Copy the 3 test files to the "speedcam" folder on the SD card.
    The sample file contains an old dataset from 2016 for the D/A/CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).
    It does not cover all speed cameras. Do not use it for a safe trip!
    After installation, search for fixed speed cameras on the map in the mentioned countries.
    The installation succeed when you find speed cameras in the map. In this case you may download he full version of our database.

    Please test the installation before making a purchase. Once the download of the purchased database has been started, refunds are excluded.


4 Download speed camera data

  1. On our Alpine INE-W611D product page, you can download fixed speed camera data.
    Click on Download.

  2. Select all desired countries (Step 1).
    Use the preselection on the left or manually choose the countries on the right.
    Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple countries.

  3. In the next step there is only one option (Step 2).
    The speed camera database will be downloaded as a single file.

  4. Click the Download Now button (Step 3).
    Save the file to your hard drive.

    Note: In most cases, the file will be saved directly in your computer's Downloads folder. Sometimes, you may also be able to choose the location yourself (depending on your personal browser settings). If you are using the Chrome browser, you can use "Show in Folder" to directly access the file's location.

  5. Unzip the ZIP file.
    Unzipping on a Windows computer: Right-click the ZIP file > Extract All...
    Unzipping on a Mac computer: Double-click the ZIP file.

    By unzipping, you will obtain the SpeedcamText.txt file.


4 Installing the speed camera data

  1. Remove the SD card from the navigation device.
    Connect the SD card to the computer.

    The removed device has an SD card slot on the left side. Someone is holding the SD card in their hands in front of it.

  2. Open Windows Explorer.
    Navigate to the directory ".../CONTENT/speedcam" on the SD card.

  3. Delete all files in the speedcam folder.

  4. Copy the file SpeedCamText.txt to the speedcam folder.

  5. Remove the SD card from the computer.
    Reconnect the SD card to the navigation device.

  6. Restart the navigation system.
    The startup process may take a bit longer as the speed camera data is being imported into the software.

  7. The speed camera data is automatically activated on the device. You don't need to make any further settings.
    We wish you a safe journey at all times.


5 Updating speed cameras

    If you want to update the speed camera data on your device at a later time, please follow all the steps in this guide again. Our recommendation: Update your speed camera data once every quarter.


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