Installation Guide

1 Identifying device
2 Preparing USB flash drive
3 Download speed camera data
4 Installation of speed camera data
5 Updating speed cameras
6 Removing speed cameras


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1 Identifying device

  1. This Alpine device is available in 3 different models:
    Alpine INE-S900R
    Alpine INE-S900R (service pack 1)
    Alpine INE-S900R (service pack 2)

    The destination screen helps you determine the model.

    Does your destination menu look like in the following picture?
    If yes, your device is an Alpine INE-S900R device including service pack. In this case, you can continue reading and use the speedcam database from this page.

    Or does your destination screen look like this?
    If yes, your device is an Alpine INE-S900R device without service pack. Stop over here! Change here to correct website.


2 Preparing USB flash drive

  1. Connect an USB flash drive to the computer.

  2. Reformat the USB flash drive as FAT32 (not: FAT/FAT16 or exFAT).
    Do not use the quick format.
    Reformat as FAT32 before using is strictly recommended.

    Important note: Always reformat, even if you have newly purchased the USB flash drive.


3 Download speed camera data

  1. Go to our product page for Alpine INE-S900R (SP1, SP2).
    We offer only data of fixed speed cameras.
    Press button Download.

  2. Make your choice on the download page.
    Use the preselection list on the left side or the country list on the right.
    Press the CTRL key for multiple choice.

  3. There is only one option in step 2.
    The speed camera database will be loaded as 1 file.

    Note: Alpine devices can not import custom POI icons. Devices always use default icons of the navigation software.

  4. Press button Download Now.
    Save file on your hard disc.

    Note: In most cases, the file is saved directly to the download folder of the computer.
    Depending on your browser settings, sometimes you can choose the save location by yourself.

  5. Unpack the zip file.

    Unpacking on a Windows computer: right-klick on the zip file > Extract all...
    Unpacking on a Mac Computer: double-klick on the zip file.

    You get the file alpine-ine-s900r_SP.csv through unpacking.

  6. Copy and paste the file alpine-ine-s900r_SP.csv into the root directory of the USB flash drive.
    Now it should look like this on your USB flash drive:

  7. Safely remove the USB flash drive from the computer.


4 Installation of speed camera data

  1. Connect the USB flash drive to the Alpine INE-S900R.
    Note: Find the USB slot on the backside of the device. Or use the supplied USB extension cable.

  2. Power on the device.

  3. Press Menu key on the left side of the device.
    Click Setup.
    Click Navi.
    Click Personal POI.


  4. Click Update.
    Confirm the question with YES.
    The device imports the speed camera data.


  5. The update may take a few minutes. Wait for the confirmation.



5 Updating speed cameras

    Repeat all steps of the guide above to update speed cameras in your device.
    We recommend to update the data once a month to drive safely.


6 Removing speed cameras

    Go to line "Delete POI warning data" and click trash icon.

Good Reasons for - Speed Camera DataBase