Installation Guide

  1. Log in to with your access key and go to the Alpine Blackbird V2.0 product page. Before starting the download you have to select your desired countries. After that push Download button and save the file to your hard disk.

  2. In our example we save the file in the folder "C:/temp".

  3. Please unzip the overlay with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - to a target folder of your choice in your computer.

  4. Now the folder "C:/temp/alpine-blackbird-v2" contains the unzipped file SpeedCamText.txt.

  5. Push Reset key. Then push and hold simultaneous the Power ON and UP key on the ring key until the Alpine Blackbird shows "USB Update Mode" on the screen.

  6. Connect Alpine Blackbird to the PC over the USB cable. PC will recognize PMD-B200P as "Removable Disc" shown on "My Computer".

  7. Open the folder ".../Alpine/content/speedcam" and delete all files in this folder.

  8. Copy new SCDB file SpeedCamText.txt into the folder ".../Alpine/content/speedcam".

  9. Disconnect PMD-B200P from PC after selecting Remove USB Storage from taskbar menu.

  10. Push Reset key on the unit, then power it on again.
    Caution: First software loading takes long time! Please wait a few minutes!

  11. Go outside with your Alpine Blackbird and get GPS fix!

  12. Activate the speed camera warnings in Navigations menu/Settings/Warnings.
    Note: You need to activate "Speed camera warning" after getting GPS signal!

    Go to Speed Camera Settings and enable Audible Warning "While Approaching" and Visible Warning "On".

  13. The speedcam is shown with an speedcam icon.

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